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3 quick landscaping fixes

by Charity Shumway, All About Lawns Columnist

In mid-June, Russians in the city of Pskov expressed outrage at some governmental garden trickery. Just before a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the city rolled out new sod, painted lamp posts, and bought new trash cans, reports The Telegraph.

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After Putin left, they ripped up the sod. Poor form! But the Pskov city landscaping team got at least one thing right: You can spruce up green space in a hurry with a few quick tricks.

Should you want to whip your yard into shape in a hurry, here are a few quick and easy landscaping tips:

  1. Sod. With sod, you can roll out a whole new lawn in an afternoon. Learn more about sodding. Granted, you should wait at least a couple of weeks before hosting a football tournament or some large scale event like, say, a wedding on your lawn. But sod makes things look good in a hurry.

  2. Mulch. Mulch is good for weed control and for your soil's moisture retention, but it's also great for making your planting beds look tidy and uniform. Spread a few bags, and just see what a difference it makes.

  3. Weed control. Get out there and yank some weeds. Even if you can only give the task twenty minutes, it's twenty minutes well spent. With scraggly weeds pulled from the lawn and planting beds, your yard will look tidier.

Unlike the citizens of Pskov, even after your guests depart, you can continue to enjoy the landscaping benefits long after your guests have departed.

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