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5 time-saving landscape design ideas

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Some landscape design ideas are exciting, but when you stop and think about the work involved in maintaining that topiary zoo, you may reconsider. On the other hand, some landscape design ideas add grace and interest to your yard and at the same time they make maintenance that much easier. These five ideas are firmly in the second camp, both visually appealing and time-saving.

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  1. Plant hillsides with something other than turfgrass. Grass is hard to maintain on steep slopes. Just think of the mowing! Groundcover alternatives like lilyturf (liriope muscari) can be more visually interesting than a lawn, and easier to maintain to boot.

  2. Don't fight poor drainage. You can battle wet areas, or you can go with the flow and turn them into an attention-grabbing bog garden.

  3. Mulch your planting beds. Mulch looks good and aids in weed control. Double win!

  4. Plant densely. Weeds love open spaces, so planting flowers, other ornamentals and even edibles close together gives weeds less space to gain a foothold. At the same time, dense plantings help your yard look instantly more lush and mature. Yet another weed control strategy that's easy on the eyes.

  5. Forget grass under trees. If you have dense shade from large trees, you can work hard to keep grass growing underneath, or you can do something easier and at the same time more interesting: Plant a shade garden. Hostas, ferns, begonias, and many other beautiful plants will thrive where grass struggles.

Smart landscape design takes some up-front work. Make the right choices now, and you can save time down the road.

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