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Fall for Backyard Garden Design

by Shannon Lee, All About Lawns Columnist

When the summer flowers begin to fade, your garden might start to look a bit weary, too. Pep it up with an eye toward fall garden design, and extend the life of your backyard garden until the snow flies!

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Backyard Garden Design for Autumn

When it comes to backyard garden design, your choices in hardy plants matter. You need foliage that survives a light frost, and flowers that crave the cool temperatures. Here are a few other tips to get you started:

  • Focus on evergreens. The vivid green of Japanese red pine or cedar flourishes all year long, and gives you a beautiful green backdrop season after season.
  • Plant chrysanthemums for color. These hardy little plants pop with color just when the rest of your garden is fading. It's like a breath of spring air right before winter!
  • Make space to sit. Watching the fall colors is one of the most delightful parts of autumn. Make the most of it by placing arbor benches in your garden, and let hardy vines climb around you.
  • Listen for water. A tiny pond in the middle of your garden can help showcase the autumn colors. The soft sound of leaves falling and water trickling can turn your backyard garden into a haven.
  • Light it up! As the daytime shortens, set solar lights in your garden. Watch the lights flicker up as the sun goes down, and enjoy the cool night air without those pesky mosquitoes!

Want more pizazz in your backyard garden? Decorate it with a basket full of gourds, colorful pumpkins, and dried corn. Make your own stunning visuals until your backyard garden bursts back to life in the springtime.

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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