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Green Decor: Blooming Plants Can Bring Your Garden Indoors

by Karen Lawson, All About Lawns Columnist

During the cold winter months, you can brighten your home by the outdoors inside. The presence of green plants and botanical arrangements in an indoor winter garden can provide a welcoming and warm environment.

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Watching Your Garden Grow-Fast

One of the most popular and intriguing blooming plants for indoors is the amaryllis. Although you can buy baskets of blooming amaryllis, the real fun comes from buying amaryllis bulbs and watching them grow. Common varieties of amaryllis produce long strap-like green leaves and single or double flower stalks that can reach two feet high. Each stalk can produce several trumpet shaped flowers ranging from purest white to deep burgundy. Amaryllis bulbs typically sprout and grow at an amazing rate. In fact, they can grow an inch or more a day. Amaryllis bulbs are usually widely available from home and garden shops, nurseries and online.

The Flower that Isn't a Flower

Vivid poinsettia flowers are a beloved sight during the holiday season, but wait. The colorful "blooms" of the poinsettia plant are actually modified leaves. Poinsettias come in a variety of colors including bright to deep red, pink, and yellow. There are mottled and striped varieties, but the old standby, bright red, remains a popular gift and decorative plant. Contrary to popular lore, poinsettias are not poisonous, and are traditionally safe for children and pets, and are ranked among the top plants capable of removing pollutants from the air.

Instead of wishing for spring, you can bring the beauty of a colorful garden to your home with an indoor winter garden.


About the Author
Karen Lawson is a freelance writer with an avid interest in gardening and horticulture. She earned BA and MA degrees in English from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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