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Use Landscaping Photos for Fresh Ideas

by Jeffrey Anderson, All About Lawns Columnist

The days of using film in your camera seem like ancient history, but it really wasn't that long ago. We used to take pictures and drop them off to be developed, never sure how they would turn out. Digital photography has changed everything--now we can take a picture and immediately see how it looks. Within minutes, you can download the picture onto your computer and post it on your Web site or blog.

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Landscaping Photos Can Help Fellow Enthusiasts Share Landscaping Ideas

Use your landscaping photos to show your friends and fellow landscaping enthusiasts what you have done in your yard. Sometimes it's hard to visualize landscaping designs when you hear or read about them, so photos make it easier to share your creations and get ideas from others.

Landscaping photos on the Internet mean you no longer have to spend hours leafing through magazines looking for the one or two articles that may relate to your interests. Now you can go right to specific Web sites with landscaping pictures that feature your preferred projects, whether it's how to arrange landscaping rocks or install certain garden borders.

Use landscaping pictures to:

  • Create your own landscaping blog
  • Showcase your yard on your family Web site
  • Enter landscaping contests
  • Become part of a do-it-yourself forum
  • See exactly how a particular shrub or tree might look
  • Accompany emailed questions to landscaping experts

Photography can be fun, and the digital age makes it easy. If you are a beginning photographer, the Nikonians forum and National Geographic have some tips on landscape photography. Spring is almost here--get your digital camera ready, and tell your landscaping friends to expect some pictures in the near future. You may even find that taking landscaping photos has given you a new hobby.

About the Author

Jeffrey Anderson has a Degree in English from V.M.I. and served as an officer in the Marine Corps. He worked in Residential and Commercial construction management for 25 years before retiring to write full time.

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