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5-minute lawncare: Love your lawn, improve your health

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

There are loads of lawncare and gardening tasks you can accomplish in just five minutes. So, give your physical and mental health a boost, while giving your landscape some love. By turning these quick tasks into something more than mere chores, your mood and your yard will thank you for it.

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5-minute garden and lawncare

  1. Pull a few weeds. Not many. No need to tackle the whole shebang right now. Repeat this step, next time you have five minutes, and the time after that. You'll see a difference before you know it.

  2. Turn on your sprinklers. Then take a walk around the yard to make sure they're all working properly. After all, your lawn needs more than sporadic rain to thrive.

  3. Turn off your sprinklers. What goes on, must go off. If you noticed any sprinklers that weren't working before, now's the time to diagnose the problem, and put it on a list of things to fix.

  4. Mulch a tree bed. Sure, you could do all your mulching at once, but if you've only got a few minutes, open one bag of mulch and tackle a single tree. In the course of a few days, you'll have them all mulched.

  5. Plant some flowers. Take one small tray of annuals and plant in a ready bed, lickety-split.

  6. Take garden pictures. There's no better way to track what grows well where. A few photos and notes on sunshine coverage can help you put your best garden forward, year after year.

  7. Turn your compost pile. Compost makes great fertilizer for lawn and garden. Five minutes turning the pile with a pitchfork or shovel, and you're well on your way to fertilizer-free heaven.

Last but not least, turn a few cartwheels. While this step isn't required, why else would you have a beautiful lawn, if not to play in it?


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