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Planting Your Rose Garden

by Sarah Clark, All About Lawns Columnist

Proper planting is essential to growing and sustaining a beautiful rose garden. Here are a few tips on planting that could improve your likelihood of cultivating healthy, vibrant rose bushes.

While roses are known to be fairly hearty plants, they do benefit from special care during the planting process.
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Gardening Tip #1: Location is Everything

It's important to pay attention to where you plant your roses. Regular exposure to wind can wreck havoc on their petals and leaves. Be sure to plant them along a border such as a wall or hedge than can allow for plenty of air circulation while mitigating the negative effects of strong winds.

Good soil drainage is also important for healthy rose bushes. Test a spot by digging an 18-inch hole and filling it with a bucket of water. If the hole doesn't drain within a few hours, you may need to take steps to improve the soil's capacity to drain through tilling and other gardening methods.

Also be on the lookout for less obvious threats to your rose bushes, such as close proximity to cramped walkways - you don't want the postal carrier or family members regularly brushing against your bushes. Keep bushes away from gutters where large amounts of rain or debris might fall. Finally, avoid planting your rose garden near a big tree or plant; rose bushes don't like to compete for sunlight and water.

Gardening Tip #2: When to Plant Your Rose Garden

If you don't live in an area where winter freezes are common, you can plant your rose bushes in late fall. If freezing temperatures are a threat, however, wait until the spring to plant your bushes. Early planting gives you an advantage in that the bush has already started growing by the time spring arrives. However, freezing temperatures can kill a rose bush.

Gardening Tip #3: Enrich the Soil

Rose bushes will do better with rich soil. You can improve the quality of your soil by adding peat moss or compost. It's also a good idea to remove any existing roots and rocks within the depths of the 18-inch planting hole.

With a little planning, preparation, and physical labor, you can have a beautiful rose garden.

About the Author
Sarah Clark is a freelance writer based in the Washington metro area.

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