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Putting a Putting Green on your Garden or Lawn

by Alex Russel, All About Lawns Columnist

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Putting Green

Personal putting greens are a choice luxury item. What avid golfer with enough means (and enough garden space) wouldn't want to have a gorgeous putting green somewhere in the backyard to pot a few holes after a long day at work?
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As it turns out, many professional golf course experts dissuade homeowners from building a real golf putting green in their gardens. The installation and maintenance are just too much hassle, they say.

Putting greens aren't just lawns with finely cut grass. Their whole eco-biology is manufactured from the bottom up. While homeowners don't have to consider all the factors a golf course designer does, many of them can't be overlooked.

Putting Green Drainage

The central factor to any putting green is drainage. You can't overemphasize the importance of making sure that water (whether from rain or irrigation) can evacuate easily. Poor drainage will immediately cause pools of water and make your green unusable and disease ridden.

The safest and surest way to do this is to actually build your putting green above the level of your garden lawn. In addition, the surface of green itself should be sloped so that any water is always heading off of the green.

Putting Greens are Built on Sand

The reason greens are so sensitive to water is because the rooting soil of your green needs to be quite sandy and sandy dirt isn't porous; water won't sink into it like a normal lawn. The soil needs to be sandy to maintain its putting green architecture and withstand more regular foot traffic.

Have to Love the Maintenance

The key to maintaining a home putting green is to be both a lover of golf and the lover of garden engineering. Not many of us fit this profile, so consider yourself politely warned before venturing into the tall order of building a home putting green.

Synthetic Putting Greens

An alternative is to install a synthetic putting green using fake grass. Synthetic grass companies are quite confident that their putting greens blend in perfectly with your "real" garden and that their synthetic nature can't be discerned by the naked eye. If you're an avid lover of golf, but not necessarily of garden maintenance, the synthetic option might be worth looking into.

About the Author
Alex Russel is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from Syracuse University he has worked at many different media companies in fields as diverse as film, TV, advertising, and journalism. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in English and History.

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