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Revival of the Scorched Lawn

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

In the final week of July 2006, California was seared to the bone with record heat. More than a hundred people died during ten consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures. In Fresno, temperatures consistently rose above 110 degrees during the heat wave, killing hundreds of cows a day, wiping out crops, and destroying neighborhood lawns. If your prized lawn was one of thousands in Fresno that cooked under relentless heat, what are you going to do now?

Unless you have grass that is completely burned down to bare earth, take heart. Assess whether you're looking at a repair job, or a complete lawn restoration. If you have brown splotches or pockets of dirt, there's a good chance your lawn will come back to life. On the other hand, Fresno has a consistently hot climate and if your lawn turned completely brown during the heat wave, it may be a goner.
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Quick Treatment Can Save Your Lawn

Check with your local garden center first and find out which seed fares best in the wilting Fresno summer. You may be mixing in a grass blend with your existing lawn for best results. Get out the rake and remove what's left of the dead areas. Get out the dead or dying roots. Prep the soil and mix in top soils or a peat moss blend. Moss helps your lawn retain water at the roots.

If you're really lucky, a Fresno area lawn center may have sod that matches your remaining lawn. If you have to re-seed, don't bury the new seed in the ground. Sprinkle it in lightly, pack down, and cover with starter fertilizer. Remember, if you use fertilizer, keep the new grass (and remaining lawn) moist. Don't ever flood new areas or greatly increase water until the seed sprouts.

Last step: Pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and get out of the heat.

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Gabby Hyman has created online strategies and written content for Fortune 500 companies including eToys, GoTo.com, Siebel Systems, Microsoft Encarta, Avaya, and Nissan UK.

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