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Spice Up Your Backyard for Cheap

by Karin Mangan, All About Lawns Columnist

Your backyard is your private space in which to unwind and enjoy your surroundings. So ask yourself the question, "how can I make the most of my backyard?" The answer probably may not always relate to shrubs, borders, and manicured lawns.

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Most people's idea of backyard fun involves a swimming pool or spa. While swimming pools and spas can serve as great focal points for your backyard entertainment, they may exceed most family's budgets.

Create a Backyard that is Fun and Inviting
There are numerous ways to create a welcoming backyard, one that is both relaxing and attractive. Here are five simple (and inexpensive ways) to update your backyard.

  1. Add a Bird Feeder. Bird feeders can add a new touch of life and excitement to your backyard.
  2. Add a Water Fountain. Water fountains typically come in various sizes and shapes and, for the budget conscious, prices as well.
  3. Add a Garden Arbor. Not only are garden arbors beautiful, but they can create a sense of elegance in your backyard. They are traditionally easy and relatively inexpensive to construct--materials should be readily available at your local home and garden store.
  4. Add a Planter Box. A fresh variety of plants, flowers, and herbs can bring color and pizzazz to your backyard.
  5. Add a Wind Spinner. Today's wind spinners come in a variety of colors and styles. As decorative attractions go, wind spinners can create bring a sense of energy to your backyard, but more importantly, they are just fun to watch.

From simple bird feeders to new flowers, garden arbors to water foundations, there is a variety of decorative touches that you can introduce to your backyard to spice up both its fun quotient and personality.


About the Author
Karin has worked as a writer and researcher for the past 10 years, writing on a variety of subjects. She has a research-based PhD in English studies and is engaged in an ongoing battle to tame her backyard.

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