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Summer Tips for the Non-Landscaper

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

Be honest. Is your yard a wreck? You may not need all twelve steps, but the first one could help: admit that your yard has become unmanageable.

Done? Good. Not sure what to do next? Easy--not a whole lot. Breaking your yard work up into small steps can help alleviate the angst you've been facing.

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Just mow.

Don't worry about any flowers wilting around it, dead leaves blocking the stone pathway, or overgrown rose bushes. Just mow. If your lawn is out of control, it will take two or three mows to get the job done. Set your mower and a higher height than usual and work your way down. Do this once a week and you'll be good all summer long.

Fix your flowers.

Have a nice flowerbed full of flowers that have seen better days? You have two options.
Do you like gardening? Plant new flowers. There are plenty of summer flowers, like daisies and poppies, which offer color and heartiness to your yard.

Do you hate gardening? No problem. Yank the flowers out and add some texture around your lawn with mulch, gravel, or wood chips. Problem solved.

Tackle and trim.

Wily rosebushes? Jumping juniper? Snaking ivy? Time to tackle it. Not all at once; but summer trimming is a must-do. This can be three to four weeks after the acceptance stage, but it's still unavoidable in order to give you and the yard the peace you're looking for.

Trimming isn't something most people yearn for on a Saturday, so feel free to go big: most summer plants are hearty, and can take an aggressive trim and still bounce back.

Water and relax.

Aside from mowing, watering is the one thing you should do regularly to maintain a healthy lawn and yard. But it doesn't have to be a chore; summer is a great time to be outside. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you're good. Set it for the middle of the night and sleep tight. If not, no problem; pay your lawn a visit in the cool evening hours and do some spraying. Twenty minutes to half an hour should do it.

You can do it. Take these steps and soon you'll be gazing out at a sense of accomplishment instead of a sense of chaos this summer.






About the Author
Joe Cooper writes education, home services, and design articles, and manages corporate communications. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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