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The Lawn in Winter: Your Year-Round Los Angeles Lawn

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

Veteran broadcaster Jerry Dumphy used to begin his Los Angeles news reports with his trademark, "From the desert, to the sea, to all of Southern California…" The catchphrase reflects the diversity of Los Angeles' landscape and challenging microclimates. Angelinos love pristine lawns and gladly pay for expert lawn care-- but they often pay dearly when they fail to take care of their own grass during the winter months.

If you're one of the millions of Los Angeles residents who plant, water, and mow their own lawns, you already know the routine in tending your turf through the blistering summer months. But what about protecting the lawn in the winter? Depending on your climate type--cool and moist close to the ocean, dry with searing temperatures in the valleys and deserts--your grass still needs specific care, even if you're distracted by the holiday season.

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Los Angeles Winter Lawn Care

Do you have a Bermuda grass lawn? Bermuda grass and hybrids need a balanced feeding of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilize every month for high-maintenance lawns and once in the fall for low-maintenance turf. If you want to keep a rich, green lawn through the winter, overseed the Bermuda with a cool-season grass.

Fescue lawns need winter tending, too. Feed tall fescue grass in the fall, using a winterizing fertilizer, right after the last November mowing. Keep thatch buildup to a minimum and add lime if necessary. You may want to have your soils analyzed by a Los Angeles area lawn care service.

Centipede grass tolerates drought conditions well in both summer and winter months. Be sure to water it, though, if it browns up on you. If you want it to stay green all year, you can overseed it with cool season grass in the fall.

With these simple tips and a bit of TLC, you can keep your lawn happy and healthy all year long.

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