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Choosing the Right Garden Décor

by Kelly Richardson, All About Lawns Columnist

From concrete statues to miniature windmills to the legendary gnomes, garden décor in the new millennium definitely reflects the personalities of garden cultivators. While there are no rules to garden décor per-se, the general idea is to select garden décor that gives your garden the look and feel that you want. Choosing themed garden décor creates a single concept that great gardens are known for.

One of the most enjoyable creative outlets for gardeners is selecting the garden décor that will adorn their gardens. There are many options available to you as you select your garden décor, and your choices are only limited by your imagination. The best place to find your garden décor is your local greenhouse. Greenhouses stock a healthy supply of garden décor in all types of sizes and tastes. Your greenhouse employee can be a valuable resource in helping you to decide which garden décor will accent your personality and create the look of your garden.
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Ideas for choosing garden décor:
  • Get some good advice. As I mentioned previously, your greenhouse professional is an invaluable resource to help you choose your garden décor. Don't be shy about asking their advice on selection and budgeting concerns, because they are glad to give it!
  • Stick with a theme. A popular method of choosing the right garden décor is to select items that go together and complement each other. Whether you choose an Asian theme, country, or modern stone, garden décor works best when it follows a theme.
  • Consider your garden type. When choosing the right garden décor, a great deal depends on the type of garden you have. Uneven terrain, access to power sources, and even soil type are characteristics you should consider before choosing garden décor.

Keeping these simple ideas in mind when you go to choose garden décor will make the experience more enjoyable.

About the Author
Kelly Richardson has obsessive compulsive lawn disorder and is afflicted with the need to share his knowledge with the world. Kelly writes lawn columns for a variety of home and garden magazines and e-zines.

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