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Garden Fountains: Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink...

by Kristin Marino, All About Lawns Columnist

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Grass Fountain

I've become a little obsessed about garden fountains lately. Actually, my obsession began during the winter when I decided I had to have a fountain; immediately. I had two feet of snow in my garden, though, so I ended up with my fountain in the front room of my home. Now I want to rip up the carpet in my "fountain room" and have the floor tiled, put some garden furniture in there, but that's a home improvement story for another day...

What is it about garden fountains and moving water that makes us feel so serene? Music may soothe the savage beast, but throw in some sounds of tricking water and the beast might end up in a relaxation-induced coma. Flowing, moving water represents life. The sound of gently trickling water soothes the senses...unless it's coming from a leaky faucet, of course.
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I'm not the only one enchanted with garden fountains. Many people are incorporating garden fountains into their home garden design. I think it's because garden fountains can add so many different elements to a home garden. With a well-placed garden fountain, you can add a spiritual, modern, old world, or whimsical flavor to your home garden design.

What Type of Garden Fountain do you Want?

  • Modern. Modern design garden fountains can be sleek or irregular in design. Some modern garden fountain designs feature cylindrical and spherical shapes. In some of these designs, a sphere rotates in a base. Not only is the tranquil element of water incorporated into this sort of garden fountain design, but the rotating sphere is visually meditative as well.
  • Spiritual. In a garden fountain with a spiritual design, many of the world religions are represented. Garden fountains are available with representations of St. Francis of Assisi, Buddha, angels, and nature. You don't have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of these garden fountains.
  • Old World. Many garden fountains are designed with an old world flavor to mimic the enchanting fountains of Europe. There are Tuscan, Florentine, and Spanish design garden fountains.
There are free-standing and wall-mount garden fountains available. The incorporation of some garden fountains into your home garden can be quite involved. Lighting, pumping, and filtration requirements must all be taken into consideration when planning a home garden fountain.

Not all incorporation of home garden fountains need be so involved. Many fountains are now available that are incredibly easy to set up, and turn on and off with the flick of a switch. All you do is add water, plug into an outlet, and turn on the fountain.

A garden fountain can turn your home garden from merely something nice to look at into a restive, meditative retreat.


About the Author
Kristin Marino has been a homeowner for ten years and really does have the greenest lawn in her neighborhood. Kristin holds a bachelor degree in English from the University of Nevada.

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