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Planting a Flower Bed Now for a Spring Rainbow of Colors

by Jeffrey Anderson, All About Lawns Columnist

Flowers are one of the first signs of spring--usually early spring bulbs that were planted in the fall. Planting bulbs is easy, and there is a wide array of colors and varieties from which to choose.

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Plant a Flower Bed According to Color and Bloom Time

Popular spring bulbs:

  • Tulips: Available in many colors
  • Daffodils: Mainly yellows and whites, or combinations of yellow and white
  • Crocuses: Available in many colors
  • Scilla: Blues, pinks, and whites
  • Hyacinth: Available in many colors

Depending on the bulb, it may bloom in early, middle, or late spring. Plant flower beds with a combination of each so you have blooming flowers from early spring through late spring and into summer. Try arranging the beds with larger flowers in the center and smaller ones on the outside, or larger in the rear and smaller in the front. Experiment with interesting color combinations, such as yellows and reds in one bed and pinks and blues in another.

Water, Soil, and Planting Tips

Bulbs like plenty of drainage and sandy soil. If necessary, add organic material to the soil in your flower bed, down to a depth of 12 to 18 inches for the best results. Some other suggestions:

  • Plant large bulbs 8 inches deep and 6 inches apart
  • Plant small bulbs 5 inches deep and 3 inches apart
  • Check packages for sunlight requirements
  • Scratch some fertilizer into the bottom of each hole
  • Add a little water after planting
  • Plant early enough so the bulb can root before a hard freeze

Follow these tips for planting a flower bed, and you'll see a lovely reward next spring.

About the Author

Jeffrey Anderson has a Degree in English from V.M.I. and served as an officer in the Marine Corps. He worked in Residential and Commercial construction management for 25 years before retiring to write full time.

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