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Spring Lawn Care Musts

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Come spring, snow is melting, little shoots of green are popping up, and you can hardly wait to get back out in the yard. That's good, because you've got a few important lawn maintenance jobs if you want your lawn to have a great growing season.

Want your spring lawn to be its best? Implement the following lawn care regimen.
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Lawn Care Clean Up

Even if you cleared out leaves and debris in the fall, there's still work to be done come spring. Your first lawn maintenance job is to get out a rake and sweep up fallen branches, old clippings, evergreen needles, and whatever else has accumulated over the winter.

Spread the Snow

If the temperature warms up and the soil thaws, but there are piles of snow remaining, the grass under the snow may not develop. A little preventative lawn care will save the day. Get out a shovel and spread the snow around evenly, so it can all melt at once.

Kill That Crabgrass

If your lawn had a crabgrass problem last year, it will again this year, unless you treat it with a pre-emergence herbicide. This lawn maintenance task requires careful timing - you need to treat your lawn two weeks before crabgrass germinates in your area. Figure out when that is.


Spring lawns are often a little patchy. Rather than waiting for them to fill in naturally, you can give them a helping hand by spreading new seeds on top of your existing lawn. Keep in mind, though, that crabgrass killing and new seeding are lawn care tasks that don't mix. After any sort of herbicide application, wait at least a month before spreading new seed.

Those first signs of returning green can be thrilling. Capture that energy to get out there and take care of a few spring lawn maintenance musts.

About the Author
Dawn West B.A. holds a B.A. in English from Harvard University and teaches writing at Oregon State University.

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