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2010 Lawn Trends: Does Your Lawn Know what Time It Is?

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

A few trends will impact professional and amateur landscapers alike this year, including water preservation and the ever-growing green movement. Check out a few lawn care trends going on this year, as well as some tips for how to get on board.

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Water will continue to be an issue in 2010, as many low face drought warnings. Installing an automatic sprinkler system, while a bigger investment than watering yourself, is the best way to minimize your water usage outdoors while keeping your lawn healthy, even in triple digit temps.

Planting new grass this summer? If you're in a region that faces drought, consider drought tolerant varieties of grass, like tall fescue, sheep fescue, buffalo grass, or the popular Kentucky bluegrass. These grasses stay hearty amidst high temperature and low moisture climates, and are generally more affordable than other lawn choices.

Going green this summer and looking for tips? Check out sites like for resources for making your yard greener, like how-to videos and a daily blog. Simple first steps include choosing organic fertilizers and herbicides over synthetic/chemical ones, recycling leaves and lawn clippings for mulch, and using local compost for soil.

Vegetable gardens have made a big comeback in the last few years, as markets and restaurants have embraced the "buy local" concept, encouraging consumers to choose ingredients, produce, and plants from local growers. Growing your own vegetable garden can be straightforward enough, as long as you can commit to the care they require.

Natural flower beds are also coming back, departing from more manicured, precise rows of flowers in landscaped beds. This year, why not try a less ordered grouping of plants and flowers that are local to your area? Add in a few colorful varieties, but don't be afraid to let your garden take on an earthy, freer pattern and appearance this year.

Whether you are a hard core environmentalist or just someone who enjoys a nice lawn without a huge investment, keeping an eye on lawn care trends like these can help you do what's best for your lawn as we head into summer.

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