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The Best Thing for Your Lawn Now and in the Spring

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

The Best Thing for Lawns in Cold and Snow

Wondering what to do for your lawn if you live in cold areas with high humidity? Nothing. Letting your lawn rest (that means no walking across it) is the best thing for lawns in cold and snowy regions. As long as its clean and free from leaves and debris, leave it be.

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The Best Thing for Lawns in Warmer, Drier Climates

Even if the giving of thanks, caroling, and resolution-making are done for the season, your lawn care isn't. You should still continue the basics, just less frequently: mowing, watering, weeding, and feeding. Make sure your lawn isn't overgrown or under-fertilized during this typically dormant period.

Winter weeding is also key for your lawn, since these weeds can be a little more subtle than their spring or summer friends. Winter weeds may look small, but they're just working slowly. By spring, they'll be all the harder to dig up if they aren't properly pulled now.

Planning Ahead for Next Year

Winter temperatures got you down? Lawn not looking so good? If you're planning ahead for next year and looking for a species of lawn that won't fold during frigid temps, keep these varieties in mind:

  • Winter Rye Grass
    Winter rye is a hearty grass that's planted during the cooler season, and can handle both high and low temperatures.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
    Landscapers like Kentucky Bluegrass for its bright green hue and sturdy disposition. It stays that lovely green from spring to fall, and won't wilt when winter arrives.
  • Red Fescue
    Be sure to check, because you may already have this popular residential grass. Deep green and fine in texture, this is a commonly chosen grass for lawns due to its winter heartiness.

Pleased with the grass you have? Then now's the time to start thinking about new landscaping ideas for the edging around it. Why not start this year's spring season with a lawn facelift, adding sustainable elements like small shrubs, stone, or gravel? Some new elements can make your lawn look even better once temperatures rise again.

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