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Classic Christmas Lawn Display Blunders

by Charity Shumway, All About Lawns Columnist

Over-the-top Christmas lawn decoration that resembles the Griswolds' house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation may be in questionable taste, but plastic Santas and lights galore aren't likely to inflict any permanent damage on your yard. Still, some Christmas lawn display blunders can wreak real havoc. Here are a few of the most attention-grabbing mistakes, which you must vow never to make once you read on:
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The Live Manger Scene

Christmas-minded farmers and rural homeowners have been known to put up a little pen in their front yard, then bring a mule and goat from the barn out back to spend the month of December in the pen with a light-up plastic nativity scene. There may be something wonderfully charming about the zaniness of a mule, a goat, and pint-sized wise men, but if you want to spare your lawn some unnecessary winter damage, no goats for you!

The Lights Gone Wrong

Ever thought of leaving candles in brown lunch bags burning along your sidewalk? Such a nice glow! Ever thought of leaving them unattended for hours on end? Such a nice... fire in your yard! The same goes for electric light strings that are frayed, shorting, or in anything but perfect repair. Lights create lovely Christmas lawn displays, but if you don't live in a region with wet winters, play it safe. A bonfire's not really the outdoor lawn decoration you're looking for.  

Holiday Lawn Ornaments…in February

Santa and his sleigh on your lawn for the month of December won't do any harm. But leave Santa out in the weather for January... February... and in March, April, or May, you may find he's left his mark on your grass. We may want Christmas to last all year, but that means Christmas spirit, not Christmas lawn decor.

Enjoy a season of outdoor lawn decoration, and may your holidays be blunder-free!

About the Author
Charity Shumway works for the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, a not-for-profit in New York City. Her previous experience includes programming for a business news radio station in Boston and serving as the director for several educational programs for at-risk youth.  Charity holds a B.A. in English from Harvard University.

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