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Fall Care for Your Atlanta Lawn

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

While Atlanta temperatures seldom rise above the high 80s in the months from May to September, the heat is consistent and the humidity is a monster. Your lawn appreciates the average ten days of rain in July -- Atlanta's wettest month of the year. When you consider the prolonged heat and the brutal cold snaps in winter, Atlanta turf grass lawns require diligent care and maintenance.

Most Atlanta residents especially appreciate their sprawling lawns in the warm months, where they host barbecues and play with their children. But Atlanta lawn care is really a year-long enterprise. Two vital steps every year in this part of the Southeast are to aerate your lawn and test the pH of your soil every year, adding lime if necessary. Now that it's fall, there's plenty to do.

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Fall Care for the Major Atlanta Turf Grasses

Atlanta homeowners have had success with Bermuda, Fescue, and Centipede grasses for lush, vibrant lawns.

  • Bermuda grass is probably the first choice for Atlanta lawns. October is a great time to apply winterizer and a high-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer to keep it healthy through the cold months. And don't forget the crabgrass deterrent this time of year.
  • Fescue grassloves cool weather and can fade in the late summer, but it holds up well in red Georgia clay soils and adds toughness to the lawn. It really needs fertilizing this October and slow-release feeding in March.
  • Centipede grass is easy to maintain, with infrequent mowing through the summer, but really needs care in October. Apply a winterizer now that protects Centipede and feeds it for the cold months ahead. And hit it with a crabgrass deterrent, too.

If your lawn has been good to you during the long Atlanta summer, be good to it during the fall when it really needs care to thrive in the cold months ahead.

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