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Lawn Care along the Piedmont

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

Whether they live in Uptown, University, or the Myers Park neighborhoods, Charlotte residents love having a healthy lawn for summer barbecues and weekend soirees. The Piedmont of North Carolina offers a unique climate of subtropical moisture from the Atlantic mixed with wintry cold snaps from the mountains. As winter approaches, there's plenty to do to keep your lawn happy through the cold months ahead.

Tall fescue, fescue mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass, and St. Augustine are popular grass seed types for Charlotte lawns. Residents often add in a mixture of fine fescue to tall fescue and bluegrass to create a lawn with strong tolerance to heat, shade, and drought. While summer thunderstorms help fight off seasonal drought, your lawn needs routine watering and consistent mowing to get you through the summer.

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Winter Care for Charlotte Lawns

Your lawn work isn't done with the first chill of autumn. Fescue and bluegrass blends still need routine mowing and the application of one pound of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet of lawn, come February. Check for a moisture depth of a half a foot, using a spike, screwdriver, or stake. Give your lawn an inch or so of water once a week--if possible, before sunrise.

For weed control, the best prevention is consistent mowing. But if chickweed seems to have a powerful grip, use a broadleaf herbicide at the minimum recommended amounts on the label. Commonly used Piedmont area herbicides include simazine or atrazine. If you're baffled, call a lawn care expert that knows the Charlotte area, its soil composition, and region-specific lawn diseases.

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