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Prepare Your Lawnmower and Landscape for a Hurricane

by , All About Lawns Columnist

Hurricane season typically begins June 1st and ends November 30th. If you are in a hurricane-prone area of the country, you may already know some procedures to protect your home. But what about your landscape and lawn equipment?

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Even a mild hurricane's high winds and fierce rains can wreak havoc on your landscape and expensive lawn equipment, such as your lawnmower, if left outside.

Consider these steps to protect your landscape and lawn care equipment before the storm hits:

  1. Bring in the lawnmower, and any flags, awnings, bird baths, hammocks, and lawn ornaments like gazing balls. Remove any wreath displays and window boxes.
  2. Secure shed and garage doors. If the doors come off their hinges, they could become dangerous projectiles. Make sure your lawnmower is firmly secured inside your garage or shed.
  3. Firmly stake all tall plants and flowers that could snap in high winds. Harvest any items in the garden that are mature enough to be picked, including flowers to be used for arrangements.
  4. Check pool covers to ensure they are secure. Bring in any pool equipment and chairs.
  5. If you have a problem with drainage or flooding, have a drainage system installed around your house (consult a professional to have this done).
  6. Have large trees inspected for loose limbs or damage to prevent trees from falling or limbs from hitting your home.
  7. Prepare for a flood. If you live on a steep slope or close to a body of water, you may have to evacuate your home (follow local authorities' recommendations).

For more tips on making your landscape hurricane-safe, here are two excellent downloadable documents:

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