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Seattle: Where Nature Waters Your Lawn

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

It's a popular misconception that Seattle is the wettest place on Earth; it actually rains more in Kauai and parts of Connecticut. But with an average annual rainfall of 37 inches, Seattle presents homeowners with unique challenges when it comes to lawn care. Unlike other parts of the country, daily watering in Seattle can harm your lawn.

Overwatering during rainy months contributes to lawn disease and root damage. You should only water when your lawn begins to pale in color, or whenever blades of grass don't instantly spring back when you step on them. When that happens, do water deeply, saturating the grass about an inch--and then let it go for a while.

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Seattle Lawns, Soils and Mowing

Proper aeration and soil composition play a huge role in the care and maintenance of a rich Seattle lawn. Now that it's fall, you should aerate your soil to improve water drainage and root production through the spring. Any lawn care service can come out and get the job done. While you're at it, test for acidity or calcium deficiencies in your lawn.

Soils on the west side of the Cascades are typically low in the composition of calcium to other essential elements. Treat this deficiency with lime. Apply fertilizer twice a year (September and May), balanced to deliver up to four pounds of nitrogen for 1,000 square feet of grass.

In Seattle and its environs, it's a good idea to set your lawn mower blades high (as much as two inches) to help stave off weeds and allow the grass to set deeper rooting. Leave your clippings on the lawn, but break up bundles by mowing over them a second time.

If it's pouring out, leave the lawn alone and go have a latte and a stroll around Greenlake.

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