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7 Tips for Lawn Care: Smart Watering

by Shannon Lee, All About Lawns Columnist

Depending upon where you live, it seems the rain situation leans to one extreme or the other. Either your ground is so dry you can kick up dust as you walk across it, or your lawn has seen so many storms that you might as well have a lake around your house. It seems when it comes to lawn care, a happy medium is always hard to find!

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Smart Lawn Care: Making the Most of Watering

In a case of extremes, good lawn care requires smart watering. Take these tips from the lawn services pros and use them to make your own lawn look gorgeous, no matter the season or the amount of rainfall from Mother Nature.

  • Rain barrels are your friends. Water that falls from the sky is perfect for maintaining your lawn, but what about the water that runs off your roof? Capture it with a series of rain barrels connected to the downspouts around your home. When you need to water your lawn throughout the week, go to the rain barrels first, and save on water usage.
  • Water under the cover of night. Why throw water at the sun and let it evaporate? Water your lawn at dusk or dawn to minimize evaporation and keep more of the water where it belongs--in the roots of your well-tended grass.
  • Break up the watering sessions. Though it might seem easier to water your lawn in a continuous hour, consider the runoff. Is your lawn really getting all of that water, or is it running into the neighbor's lawn, the street, or the driveway? Aim to get as much water in the grass as possible by cutting the watering time to 15-30 minutes per day instead.
  • Take care when planning sprinklers. Your sprinklers should always be positioned to provide the best coverage for those areas that need it most. These can include vegetable gardens, special landscaping, and other areas that need more moisture to look their best.
  • Plan around Mother Nature. Watch the forecast! Don't water your lawn if nature is going to do it for you. If it looks like rain but you're not sure you will get any, go ahead and water the lawn, but don't use as much water as you normally would.
  • Heed water restrictions! Many communities have water restrictions during times of drought or severe heat. Communities that are very serious about water usage might even impose a fine on those who flaunt the restrictions! Take advantage of the days and times when you are allowed to water your lawn.

Smart watering of your lawn can mean less water used and more savings for everyone. Best of all, your lawn care will pay off with a gorgeous jewel-green carpet!



About the Author
Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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