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Automate Your Lawn Irrigation System

by Alex Russel, All About Lawns Columnist

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Lawn Irrigation System

Watering your lawn is of course one of the central aspects of maintaining a lawn. It is the most basic of tasks, but one sometimes even the best gardeners can make mistakes with.

If you are serious about your lawn and want to do all you can to maintain its attractive, green quality, an automatic lawn irrigation system may not be a bad idea.
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Benefits of an Automatic Irrigation System

The reason people get Watering wrong is partly because it is so easy. How many times have you turned on the sprinkler with the firm intention of being back in fifteen minutes to turn it off, but forgotten to do so until a few hours later. Or, maybe you forget which part of the lawn you watered and which one you didn't (we're only human). And was it Tuesday or Thursday when you last watered the garden?

It seems so foolish, but these basic mistakes happen easily and can end up damaging your lawn, or just take any enjoyment out of maintaining it.

Is A System Worth the Expense?

An automatic lawn irrigation system may be expensive, but it completely erases all these watering worries. One of your central gardening chores disappears overnight.

Lawn Irrigation systems Save Water

One of the main benefits of a central irrigation system is that you save water. Because you can carefully manage your watering timetable, you are sure that the exact amount of water is going to the exact right place. The installation of the system will have assured this. Each sprinkler in the system is placed to assure the proper water coverage at the right precipitation level. This exactitude is what you are paying for.

You can of course modify your watering levels. Some systems even have rain detectors so that the system will not be turned on in case of recent rainfall. These systems can be extremely convenient.

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