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Is the Chlorine from Your Pool Killing Your Lawn?

by Kelly Richardson, All About Lawns Columnist

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Pool Grass

This week's column is for all of the pool owners out there who are concerned about the effects that chlorine will have on their lawns. And there is plenty to be concerned about, considering the fact that your lawn is so delicate.

As we begin the spring pool season in earnest, a lot of you are wondering what effect, if any, does chlorine from your pool have on your lawn. With kids running around the pool and the yard, it is a given that the pool water will be splashed onto the lawn many times during the day. It only stands to reason that exposure to the chlorine might rob your lawn of the nutrients it needs to survive.
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Let's take a look at whether or not the chlorine from your pool is killing your lawn, as well as some other water and lawn tips that might just make your grass lusher and long lasting.

Grass is Thicker than Water

Believe it or not, chlorine is not known to have a damaging effect on grass. The resiliency of the soil is fixed so that it can withstand chlorine at high acid levels. Grass blades are selective about the nutrients that they allow into their systems. In fact, using your excess pool water on your lawn is one of the best ways you can help conserve water in your neighborhood.

Now, of course, flooding you grass with pool water is never a good idea. If you have excess pool water, give a good coating to your lawn, and then run the rest down an approved drainage pipe.

Other Water Saving Ideas:

  • When to Water.Watering early in the morning will help your irrigation to go a lot further throughout the day.
  • How Long to Water.Watering your lawn until it is damp, but never so much that puddles start to form.
  • How to Water.Choose a sprinkler carefully, as you want a nice even water distribution.

It's settled. Your pool water with chlorine will not have any deleterious effects on your lawn (in fact, it can help conserve water!). If you're still having trouble, then you might consider other sources of lawn damage, including urine from your pets (it may be time, after all, to fence off your puppy from your precious green).

About the Author
Kelly Richardson has obsessive compulsive lawn disorder and is afflicted with the need to share his knowledge with the world. Kelly writes lawn columns for a variety of home and garden magazines and e-zines.

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