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Keep Your Recession Lawn Green

by Amelia Gray, All About Lawns Columnist

Do-it-yourself lawn maintenance doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Make a greener lawn on a budget by using these quick frugal lawn care tips.

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Green Your Lawn by Watering Smart

The high dollar item for any healthy lawn is water. Landscape irrigation accounts for over 60% of residential outdoor watering, according to the City of Fresno Water Conservation Department. Here are a few smart irrigation tips:

  • Set automatic sprinklers to water in two to three short bursts instead of one long cycle. You prevent runoff and ensure that your lawn is taking in the most efficient amount of water.
  • Fix leaky valves, broken hoses, rusting connections, and other water wasters.
  • Try to avoid watering when it's hot outside, ideally in the early morning. Additionally, avoid watering during windy weather.
Easy Care Lawn Tips

Use these tips to create and maintain a beautiful lawn year-round while avoiding extravagant water and maintenance bills.

  • Make your own fertilizer out of a nutrient-rich compost pile. Dedicate a corner of your lawn to composting table scraps and other organic waste, and use the decomposed material to feed your healthy lawn.
  • Naturally spot-treat weeds using a homemade vinegar solution. Be careful when treating areas with vinegar because the solution may harm the grass.
  • Cut your lawn short to allow for extra time between cuts. During times of slow growth, choose a higher setting.
Greener Grass By Location

Depending on where you live, you can find a local grass that requires the least amount of water and maintenance while producing the greenest grass. Local university extension programs often have the best information on local cultivars. Apply fertilizer and water your lawn based on the specifications of your grass type and the season, and you're on your way to cultivating an efficient lawn and affordable.

About the Author
Amelia Gray is a freelance writer in Austin, TX. She earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Arizona State University and an MFA from Texas State University.

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