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Lawn and garden sprinklers: 3 types to consider

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Your lawn and garden need water, and unless you live in a rain forest, there are times when the sky just isn't going to give your yard enough moisture. Enter sprinklers! You know you need them, but what kind do you need? Here are three options.

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  1. Drip irrigation systems. These are great for flower beds and vegetable gardens. Instead of spraying your plants, plastic pipes carry low pressure water to the plants at ground level. There's less runoff and evaporation, plus according to the Colorado State University Extension, drip irrigation helps maintain an optimal mix or air and water in the soil, leading to better growth. (Another plus: lusher growth means less need for weed control services). Downside: they're a no-go for lawns.
  2. Manual sprinklers. These are the old sprinklers you hook up to your hose. Pluses: no landscaper installation necessary. Minuses: a lot of work on your part.
  3. Underground sprinkler systems. These systems require you (or a landscaper) to dig trenches and bury pipe in your lawn and garden, but once you've done the work, it has the benefit of being programmable and, therefore, automatically controllable. As the University of Florida IFAS Extension points out, you can work wonders with the programming.

Most landscapers can be as full service as you want them to be, providing everything from design help to weed control services to…you guessed it, sprinkler installation. Decide which kind is right for you, and the landscaper can put it in place, with or without weed control services.



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