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Buying a Push or Gas Lawn Mower

by Allison E. Beatty, All About Lawns Columnist

If the whirling noise of a push lawn mower brings back nostalgic feelings, you're not alone. Many homeowners covet this traditional type of lawn mower. Here's how to decide if it's the best lawn mower for you.

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Advantages of a Push Lawn Mower

A push lawn mower is the most environmentally friendly mower on the market, as it works with your brute strength instead of using gas or electric resources. This type of lawn mower allows you to get out in the fresh air without worrying about pollutants or noise. Push lawn mowers also have fewer moving parts, thus requiring less frequent trips to the repair shop.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

If you buy a push mower, make sure you keep the blades sharpened, as dull blades can seize up and cause you to come to an abrupt halt. The only solution is to back up and try again -- a tedious process that can quickly move you toward buying a gas lawn mower.

Advantages to Gas Lawn Mowers

Those with large lawns or tall grass might quickly become exhausted while using a push lawn mower. A more reasonable solution is a gas lawn mower, which has greater power to cut through difficult grass areas.

Gas lawn mowers also are quicker to use and typically cut grass on the first pass. They often are sold with side or rear discharge bags for grass clippings. Many push mowers can miss small sections of grass, forcing you to cut over it again and again.

There are many factors to weigh when debating whether to buy a push lawn mower or a gas model. Think first about the size and characteristics of your grass. Then see whether nostalgia will work to your benefit -- or not.


About the Author
Allison E. Beatty is a syndicated real estate writer and founder of the Web site Renovator's Place. She has been a writer of home improvement columns for 15 years. Her articles have appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines, and on home improvement Web sites.

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