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How to Use a Gas-Free Reel Push Mower

by Marcia Passos Duffy, All About Lawns Columnist

If you want a mower that's 100 percent pollution-free think "people-powered." There's absolutely zero carbon footprint when you use a gas-free reel push mower to mow your lawn. And the new generation of reel push mowers are easier to use and care for than your grandpa's old reel mower. Most are lighter and easier to move (for example, the Brill Razorcut 38 weighs 17 pounds), and require very little maintenance. Some model blades don't require sharpening for years.

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Tips on Using a Push Mower

  • You might want to limit use of a reel push mower if you have a very large yard; push mowers are ideal for smaller yards (less than 3000 square feet).
  • A reel mower will cut the lawn effectively, but don't expect a perfectly manicured checkerboard pattern look to the grass. Tall or wet grass is also difficult to cut with a reel mower.
  • A reel push mower will take longer - but not much longer - to cut a lawn. For example, a 2500 square foot lawn can take 30 minutes with a gas-powered mower and about 40 minutes with a reel mower. Expect corner areas to go slower since you'll have to push the mower back and forth a couple of times to get the job done. You may also want supplement edge and fence cutting by using an electric trimmer.

To see if you can make the adjustment to mowing gas-free, try and borrow one first (or buy an inexpensive one at a yard sale). But once you get used to your reel push mower - and enjoy the exercise you get from using it -- you won't miss the pollution, noise and high maintenance of a gas-powered mower

For more information and comparisons on push mowers visit People Powered Machines lawnmower comparisons.


About the Author
Marcia Passos Duffy is a freelance writer and a member of the Garden Writers Association. She is a frequent contributor to Turf Magazine and Growing Magazine. Visit her site at www.backporchpublishing.com

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