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Garden equipment 101: lawn mower blades

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Garden equipment maintenance may not top your list of favorite gardening activities. The good news is that a little goes a long way toward making yard work easier, and growing a green and healthy lawn.

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So, where should you start? One easy place: sharpening. Every spring, sharpen your lawn mower blades. Right off the bat, you should see two major differences:

  1. Prepare for big green. When you mow a lawn with dull blades, those blades tear the individual stalks of grass, rather than cutting them clean. Take a close look at the lawn and you'll see that grass mowed with a dull mower has a ragged edge. This dries out and turns brown, so instead of a beautiful green lawn, you have a green lawn tipped in brown. Sharpen a mower's blades, and your lawn should be green "all blade long."

  2. Expect easier weed control. Dull lawn mower blades not only tear the tips of grass, they can also tear grass out by the root. That means a sparse lawn, which means open space for weeds to creep in. Sharpen lawn mower blades, and your lawn will be thicker and healthier, which will help crowd out weeds. No weed control chemicals necessary.

You can sharpen your lawn mower blades at home with a file, or take them in to a local hardware store and let an expert handle the job. From bigger green to better weed control, this is one tiny garden equipment maintenance chore with big results.

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