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The Latest Lawnmower Trends for the New Year

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

If you're thinking of taking advantage of year-end and year-beginning sales at big retailers, consider upgrading your old mower to a new one before spring. Consider these lawnmower trends before you buy, as well as the type of lot you have and any new landscaping goals for the new year.

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  • Switch from gas to propane.
    If you're an environmental enthusiast, this is the mower for you. Most propane mowers boast a reduction of over 60 percent in smog emissions, and 80 percent for toxic emissions. But these mowers aren't cheap and can cost in the thousands. Their life expectancy is double that of most gas mowers, though, and keeping it running will cost you less too.
    • Propane is around 30 percent less expensive than gasoline, resulting in some significant savings depending on the size of your lot. The mower's oil and internal parts also stay cleaner, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Go hybrid.
    This is a more affordable green solution. Remember the rise of the Prius a few years ago? Lawnmowers are now available in hybrid models too, featuring both a gas engine and an electric mower, lowering gas usage, emissions, and maintenance. Hybrid mowers are also known to be lighter and easier to handle.
    • To go even greener, opt for a battery-powered mower and cut out the gas all together.
  • Take a ride.
    Riding mowers are only sensible for large lots, but you see more of them creeping up these days. A great investment for consistent and efficient cutting, it can also double as transportation of landscaping tools and other tasks. Lower cylinder (and lower speed) mowers are a good first step if you haven't owned one before.
    • Of course, if speed is your true passion, you could always spring for the new Runningblade mower by Countax, which is predicted to break the world land speed record for lawn mowers at over 100 MPH. That's over 20 miles faster than the current record of 80 MPH, set in 2006.

The good thing about buying a new lawn mower is that every model is greener than the last. And it's sort of like buying a car: think of the added efficiency and convenience, not just the cost savings over time. Taking advantage of sales now can have you ready to mow well before spring.

About the Author
Joe Cooper writes education, home services, and design articles, and manages corporate communications. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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