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A Lucky Omen Perhaps, But A Four Leaf Clover Is Still A Weed

by Alex Russel, All About Lawns Columnist

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Four leaf clovers are the stuff of legend. Children, often accompanied by encouraging parents, will search through lawns and shrubberies looking for nature's most loved good luck charm. Unfortunately though, clovers, four leafed or not, are weeds when they're found on your lawn. As much excitement as they might bring to the eyes of a child, the blessed little plant is a lawn pest, and needs to be pulled right out of your lawn.

The main reason clovers are best to be rid of quickly is that they attract bees. Bees love clover blooms and family members risk getting stung. The other reason is more typical of a weed plant. Clover has a life of its own. Its color, growth pattern, and texture are completely different form your lawn grass and after a while your lawn will look like occupied territory.
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How to Face the Clover Weed

Attacking the clover weed with chemicals is a little tricky. There are different types of clover weed and each one requires a different fertilizer. Perennial clover takes one type of fertilizer and annual clover takes another. Most lawn gardeners will have trouble telling the two apart.

For this reason, getting on your hands and knees and pulling the clover from the ground isn't such a bad way to start, especially if the problem isn't that significant. Most experts agree that pre-emergent chemical treatments are rarely necessary for clover weed alone: Too much chemical for too small a problem.

Weed Plant Means Lack of Nitrates

However, clover presence in the garden does usually signify a lack of nitrates in your fertilization program. As with all weed presence, the best way to attack clover is to actually address the health of your lawn. The weed is just a symptom of your lawn not getting everything it needs (or too much of something it needs).

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