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How to Use Corn Gluten Weed Control on Your Lawn

by Marcia Passos Duffy, All About Lawns Columnist

Are you looking for a natural way to prevent weed growth on your lawn? Corn gluten meal has been scientifically proven as a natural and effective way to control weeds, according to research conducted at Iowa State University.

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Corn gluten meal, a natural byproduct of the corn milling process traditionally used as hog feed, is effective in suppressing growth of crabgrass, dandelions, smart weed, redroot pigweed, purslane, lambsquarters, foxtail, and barnyard grass. It's effective not only for weed control--inhibiting seed germination of weeds (it dries out the seed as soon as it opens to sprout)--but it's also a great fertilizer, with 10 percent nitrogen by weight.

How to Buy Corn Gluten

Three types of corn meal can be used for weed control:

  • Unprocessed. This form powders and must be applied directly to the ground to be effective.
  • Granulated. This comes in small granules and can be applied with a spreader. It also can be mixed with water to form a paste for spot applications.
  • Pellets. Pellets can be spread by hand and are a good choice for spring and fall applications to both suppress weed growth and fertilize the soil.

Corn gluten weed control, which is patented, has been licensed to use on commercial and residential lawns as an eco-friendly and non-toxic herbicide. Whichever type you buy, make sure purchase from a company licensed to sell corn meal weed control products.

How to Use Corn Gluten Meal as an Herbicide

  1. Make sure to wet it with a soft spray after application (dry corn gluten does not work).
  2. Reapply after 4 to 6 weeks--get better results with repeated use.
  3. Apply the corn gluten meal before weeds emerge, as it cannot kill fully grown weeds--it only kills seedlings.

About the Author

Marcia Passos Duffy is a freelance writer and a member of the Garden Writers Association. She is a frequent contributor to Turf Magazine and Growing Magazine. Visit her site at www.backporchpublishing.com

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