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Eliminating Weeds: To Get Rid of Them, You Must Understand Them

by Kelly Richardson, All About Lawns Columnist

Regular lawn maintenance means removing weeds from your lawn. At the first sign of weeds, many homeowners run to the local home and garden center to purchase caustic chemicals. When it comes to lawn care, this can be a major mistake. Eliminating weeds can be accomplished by knowing what kind of weeds you have and how they behave.

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Weeds Have Unique Personalities

Before you load up your sprayer and hit your lawn with a blast of Roundup, consider this: weeds, just like other plants, have their own characteristics. They typically grow differently, flourish in a variety of conditions and can be quite resilient. If you understand that, you may want to hold off treatment until you discover exactly what types of weeds you're dealing with.

Lawn Care: High-Tech Weed Identification

Fortunately for homeowners, the Internet has become a limitless source of lawn care information. You can visit any one of several environmental sites, enter in the characteristics of suspected weeds (such as appearance, coverage, etc.) and determine what type of weeds you have with remarkable precision. Once you have confirmation, you can proceed with eliminating weeds.

Lawn Maintenance: Eliminating Weeds Over Large Regions

A quick, non-chemical solution for eliminating weeds over large areas of your lawn calls for what's known as soil solarization. Simply lay a large piece of black plastic over the infected areas and weigh it down with bricks, sand or timber. Leave it for 7 to 14 days, allowing the sun to build up heat under the plastic. Remove at the end of this period and the heat should have burned most, if not all, of the weeds in the area. Use a hoe to break up any remaining strands; the soil will be plantable immediately. Reseed, fertilize and water to stimulate new grass growth.


About the Author
Kelly Richardson has obsessive compulsive lawn disorder and is afflicted with the need to share his knowledge with the world. Kelly writes lawn columns for a variety of home and garden magazines and e-zines.

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