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Five Tips to Wack Those Weeds

by Joe Cooper, All About Lawns Columnist

One of the keys to successful spring landscaping is timing and making sure the weather is warm enough for projects to take root. The ideas below can help you manage the settling in of spring while still giving you room to spruce up your yard after the winter.

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Wacking Those Weeds

As the sun comes out, weed seeds are just waiting to sprout and threaten the appearance and the health of your lawn and yard. Here are a few tips for tackling these pesky plants:

1. Use weed killer sparingly.

Overdoing it on the weed killer can threaten surrounding plants and leave patches on your lawn. Use weed killers, including organic weed killing options, efficiently in targeted areas. Vinegar can be a great solution for some weeds.

2. Be proactive.

Using a chemical called "pre-emergent" is a great way to prevent weed growth if it's not too late. This chemical requires some moisture to be successful, so very dry climates may need another remedy, like a brief watering after application.

3. Pause before you plant.

Many homeowners are eager to bring color and vibrancy into their yards at the first sign of sun, but new plants need warmer nights in order for flourish. Wait until the nighttime lows are well above the freezing level to start planting.

4. Plan ahead (and think green when you do).

Have a list of landscaping improvements ready for when spring settles in for good? Making a plan for each improvement, especially multi-phase ones, can help keep your costs efficiently and your sanity intact. Make a formal list of all of your landscaping goals for the season and then rank them according to what's most important. For stonework or paving project, consider involving grass in your plan. Paving solutions like "honeycomb" walkways or driveways incorporate grass within simple cement patterns, making your yard greener.

5. Think "simple and swift."

Looking to add some texture around your lawn, but aren't looking to launch into a major project? Laying out a few bags of multi-colored stones around trees and shrubs is an inexpensive, low maintenance option. Planting a vegetable garden? Springing for a pre-made raised garden bed can save you the labor of preparing the soil if you have the space. Research some simple ideas that can give you the satisfaction of a landscaping project without the headache.

Your next spring landscaping projects like planting and landscaping can be tackled after the warmer temperatures settle in and your yard has time to wake up after the long winter.

About the Author
Joe Cooper writes education, home services, and design articles, and manages corporate communications. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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