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The 5 most essential gardening tools

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Some pieces of gardening equipment you can rent on the rare occasion you need them. Other gardening tools you can simply do without. But there are a handful of tools that are true must-haves. They're the tools you'll reach for again and again, week after week. Here are five that belong in your tool shed.

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  1. A shovel. Turning soil, planting trees, manual weed control courtesy of a little digging… The list goes on. You can get crazy and buy five different kinds of shovels, but one sturdy, rounded point shovel can tackle a wealth of tasks.
  2. Clippers. For big pruning jobs, you can hire a professional, but it's amazing how often a garden needs a little trim here or there.
  3. A leaf rake. You can rent a gardening tools like a thatch rake; you can skip evening out your soil with a garden rake (clumps of soil can actually be a good thing); but trying to clean up fall leaves without a leaf rake is just silly.
  4. A mower. When it comes to gardening equipment for essential lawn care, you can opt for a reel mower or a rotary mower. Either can get the job done. The bottom line is your lawn needs mowing, and what else are you going to use, pruning shears?
  5. An edger. Speaking of pruning shears, guess what you have to use to trim the edges of your lawn if you don't have an edger? Edgers can also come in handy for more than cleaning up your lawn, too. For instance, they're handy weed control helpers when some serious chopping is in order.

Put these five pieces of gardening equipment in your shed, and you're good to go.

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